Client Reviews

"They quickly won me over with their professional expertise"

I was a little apprehensive about hiring these federal work comp reps, in December 2016 to represent me regarding my U.S. Postal Service, Federal Worker’s Compensation Claim, only because I couldn’t meet with them in person to discuss my case. They quickly won me over with their professional expertise, knowledge of the mirage of confusing federal forms, that I couldn’t understand, along with his dedication for helping people and obtaining justice for the injured, turning what seemed like an impossible task, to a rightful outcome. Even more importantly, the compassion for what I had experienced. They reassured me that they would stand by me, every step of the way. They are true to their word. My case has been long and complex, from December 2016 to June 2020, with repeated denials, delays, and finally, an improved financial resolution, that I could not have achieved without their assistance. They fought the battle for me, even taking my case to Washington,D.C. and to my State Congressman. They have assured me that they will continue to represent me in the future if needed. I urge you, do not hesitate, do not doubt, hire them to represent you with your Federal Worker’s Compensation Claim, you will be happy you did. You can trust them to take weight off your shoulders. I am forever grateful.

Lisa D. Client Review